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     Along with a goal of educating, inspiring, and creating high-caliber dancers, our studio is dedicated to helping mold individuals.  In a world in which children are bombarded on a daily basis with images and descriptions of "beautiful" people, and where bullies prey on the weak and uncertain, we believe it is the job of studio owners and instructors to remind their students that everyone is beautiful in their own right.


     Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and is determined not by looks but by who you are and what you value.  Beautiful people do beautiful, kind things.  Beautiful people think for themselves.  Beautiful people have confidence, are strong, and above all, exhibit self-esteem.  Our Studio will continue to push each student to gain self-esteem.


     We believe that self-esteem can have lasting, positive effects throughout someone's lifetime.  Those who have positive self-esteem tend to seek challenges and set goals rather than let their insecurities and fears limit them.  In general, they engage in more positive friendships and relationships, because those who are confident believe they are worthy of being treated with respect and kindness.  Children and Adults who have high self-esteem are happier, confident, and succeed in life.


     The beauty of Dance strives constantly for perfection, but, the challenge is learning that perfection is never attainable.  We should all simply pause and remember how far we have come and to be proud and confident in who we are at each moment and in each "Dance Class."


Dance Studio Life

January, 2014

Jennifer Moore Aguilar


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